Top 5 Website Performance Optimization Tips

If you want visitors to stick around, your website better be fast! Especially when your visitors may not be on 100MBit/s broadband and use mobile devices. Blogs are chief amongst those websites that are read on mobile, so performance of your website is crucial. Here are my top 5… Read more

How many social networks do you need?

After Facebook's recent step over the line to unethical practices and bad science for profit-sake, I am asking myself how many social networks do I need? How much private data do I surrender for some perceived value that in reality is far less than what the provider gets in return… Read more

5 Reasons why Shoeboxapp aka MyShoebox fails for me

...or why I cancelled my pro-subscription ($48 pa) before its free trial was over. 1. Support When I tweeted @myshoebox about the duplicated photos issues I encountered, I was met with a form reply and then never got a response to my follow-up. What gives? I give young businesses plenty… Read more

Why likes are not meaningful

  I find that Facebook likes, or Google+1's on their own are not helpful nor meaningful when trying to determine the perceived value of content posted to social media and measure engagement. Why? Because it is just one half of the equation. Let's say that 100 people liked your… Read more

Top 5 Social Media Engagement Rules

Here are my top 5 golden rules for user engagement on social media. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other channel - remember these: Don't feed the trolls It's easy for people to jump on to social media and vent anger or simply wind up customer service… Read more

IPv6 Support thanks to Cloudflare

Did you know that Cloudflare offer free, full IPv6 support - regardless of whether your web-host supports it or not? When you browse this site you can now do so using IPv6 - no change required :) Ref: Cloudflare IPv6 Settings, Cloudflare blog post… Read more