“But what can I do?" (not to be confused with Alistair Campell’s latest book 😁)

That’s a question that I get asked a lot through my engagement with the community in my role as councillor and general-purpose ‘Green’. What can an individual or small business owner do to make a positive difference in stopping man-made climate change?

This question is often followed by telling me about how bad they feel about not doing more. Many people, especially children, are anxious about all the bad news they see on social media and the news.

Reducing the impact of climate anxiety on young people

Top tip: choose your social media and news sources wisely; reduce consumption!

Having two teenagers myself (dd 12 & ds 10), I can empathise with fellow parents who are worried about their kids' mental health and the rise in climate anxiety leading to depression. Please see the articles in Natureexternal link , Lancetexternal link and The Guardianexternal link for further information.

I aim to address these questions and alleviate at least the worst feelings of anxiety and worry by helping you work out a personal action plan, speaking openly with others who are feeling similarly and coming away feeling energised to make a difference.

Creating positive experiences in small groups

My workshops are designed to be small, with spaces limited to just ten participants, so I can focus on you better and arrive at an output from the session that you can put into action.

Workshops for education and businesses

Workshops for schools and businesses are also planned and I will ask for a contribution from the latter, while using proceeds to allow me to do more free sessions for young people and supporting educators and parents.

If you are organising a group and like me to hold a climate change workshop with you, please do get in touch too and let me know what events your group has coming up.

Check it out!

Please visit ClimateChangeWorkshops.orgexternal link and subscribe to be the first to know when workshops are available (tickets are strictly limited to just ten per session!).

Join the new Climate Change Workshops discussion forumexternal link and let me know about your concerns and anything you are doing to help fight climate change and its effects.