This week I gave a presentation to year 7 students at my kids school โ€“ The Premier Academy in Bletchleyexternal link โ€“ about being digital street smart. You can find the slides on my new site bebraver.todayexternal link and please get in touch if you found it useful and like me to give a presentation to your class.

What motivated me to give the presentation about e-safety is a scary situation that arose a little while back with my own teen. I think that as parents we need to understand that what our children get up to online, often without our knowledge, is permanent and can have lasting effects on their lives.

I found the experience very rewarding and like to thank the amazing staff at TPA MKexternal link for hosting me and their students for the great questions. Keep them coming! ๐Ÿ™‚

Featured image by Screen Post via Unsplash.comexternal link