2021 got off to a relaxing start for me and I hope you had a safe and soothing one too. Despite democracy being under threat in the USA and other countries, COVID19 causing further death, pain and lockdowns, I am trying to stay positive and channel my energy into areas I can make a difference.

TL;DR: This year I am looking to campaign for the Green Party in Milton Keynesexternal link , find and buy land to build my carbon farm and Earthshipexternal link as well as organising a series of hackathons with Protospaceexternal link . Read more on my profile page .

Green Party Milton Keynes

I’m happy to say that I have taken over from Jo Breen and will start campaigning on behalf of the Green Party in Milton Keynes. I want to do more to represent people in my area (Bletchley East) and put Green policiesexternal link at the top of the Council’s agenda.

You can find out more in our first newsletter of the yearexternal link , which will find its way (safely) through local citizens letter boxes in the next couple of days.

I’m looking to organise a couple of online events to engage with folks and understand what their concerns are soon.

Please reach out using the following contact info or by way of replying to this post 🙂

I am also happy to announce that I will start looking after the SE Green Party websiteexternal link too.

Protospace & MK Hackathon

Protospace web header Protospaceexternal link launched this week with their first theme of sustainability. If you have missed the launch event, check out their website and subscribe to the newsletter to get the link to the video.

We are looking for your ideas of what to create together for Milton Keynes for our MK hackathon in March. Please subscribe to the mailerexternal link and reach out via Twitter @mkhackathonexternal link .

Carbon Farm and Earthship MK

Earthship at night This year will be a busy one and my goal to get the Carbon Farm on its way is to identify and purchase a suitably sized piece of land around Milton Keynes.

If you want to get engaged, please reach out via my websiteexternal link or – even better – join the community!external link