New website with free e-safety resources for parents, teens and teachers

This week I gave a presentation to year 7 students at my kids school – The Premier Academy in Bletchley external link – about being digital street smart. You can find the slides on my new site external link and please get in touch if you found it useful and like me to give a presentation to your class. What motivated me to give the presentation about e-safety is a scary situation that arose a little while back with my own teen....

July 7, 2021 · 1 min · Axel Segebrecht

Google began selling its Clips camera today

I have no words right now. This is madness. (the clip is a) small device that uses artificial intelligence to take the right picture when it sees something interesting ? Source: Google began selling its Clips camera today | The Verge external link There is a shimmer of light in all this of course: Not everyone is onboard with the idea of a Google camera that’s always watching them, but the company has pointed out that the device does all of its work with its own hardware, and doesn’t send anything out to external servers....

January 27, 2018 · 1 min · Axel Segebrecht

Saying good-bye to Facebook

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it feels like saying good-bye to hundreds of ‘friends’, many of them family members in far flung places. I’ve tried it before and always got sucked back-in to Facebook’s gravitational pull, like an astronaut getting pulled into a blackhole. But this time I have a cunning plan… Instead of deleting my account and hiding in the shadows on some obscure corner of the Interweb, I will retain my account on the Facebook....

January 27, 2018 · 3 min · Axel Segebrecht

Poll: How much does online privacy matter to you?

[yop_poll id=”1″] Privacy matters? I often wonder what people really think when I talk about protecting my privacy online and how much it really matters to them. Please, help me understand a little better by answering my quick poll.

April 15, 2017 · 1 min · Axel Segebrecht

My top Chrome extensions to help protect your privacy

With Chrome being the browser of choice for many people, next to old school Internet Explorer that is, it is easy to pick from a vast marketplace of extensions (plug-ins). The conundrum is, which one to choose — to protect my privacy for example? Here are my top extensions to do just that in no particular order. Your mileage may vary and I am neither paid nor otherwise affiliated with any of the providers of the Chrome extensions listed....

November 26, 2016 · 3 min · Axel Segebrecht